Legacy Kits

60pc Jumbo Legacy Kit

At 60 items, our largest Legacy Kit is sure to handle Grandma's giant collection of memories! Digitize 60 Video or Audio Tapes, 60 Film Reels**, or 60 Bags of 30 Photos, or ANY Combination!*

1 Item = 1 Video Tape, 1 Film Reel**, 1 Audio Tape/Reel, or 1 Bag of 30 Photos/Slides.

What you get: 2 Giant Crush Proof Boxes (2 boxes makes packing easier & shipping safer), Easy Guide Instructions, Barcode Labels for all your items, & Prepaid UPS Return Shipping Label with tracking.

Your priceless memories will then be digitized by hand and loaded onto Custom DVDs. Upgrade to a USB Flash Drive & we'll upload to The Cloud for free! Your originals plus DVDs and optional thumb drive will then be shipped back to you using 2 crush proof boxes for added security.

*Example of Any Combination equal to 60 Items: 40 Video Tapes + 10 Film Reels + 10 Bags of 30 Photos/Slides = 60 Items.

**1 50ft. Film reel = 1 Item. Example: 200 ft Film Reel = 4 Items

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