Easy Guide - This Easy Guide instruction booklet comes with every Legacy Kit!

         (: your memories are here :)

Welcome to the Legacy Kit Family! Following this Easy Guide will get your media to us fast, safe, & sound.

Step 1 – Eat

Enjoy your treat! (Every Kit comes with a treat)

Step 2 – Label

Place the labels inside your Easy Guide on the media items you are including in your Legacy Kit.

Example: 1 label on each Tape or Film Reel – 1 label on each bag of 30 Photos/Slides

8mm HD Film Barcoded Legacy Kit item8mm Film Reel Barcoded Legacy Kit itemSlides and Photos Barcoded Legacy Kit item


Have more items than labels? Use the extra labels on page two of your Easy Guide for single item add-ons (+$19.95ea) 

Step 3 – Pack

After labeling each item, pack media into your Legacy Kit box.

*Make sure those photo/slide bags are zipped up! If you need extra photo bags, zip top bags work great!

Legacy Kit filled barcoded film and photos

Step 4 – Box It Up

Close up your Legacy Kit and place inside the brown shipping box it came in.

Packed Legacy Kit ready to ship

Step 5 – Shipping Label

Cover original shipping label with the Return Shipping Label found in the Easy Guide included in your Legacy Kit.

Step 6 – Seal & Check

Use shipping tape to securely seal brown shipping box. Double check shipping label is affixed properly.

Step 7 – Drop Off

UPS logoDrop off your Legacy Kit at the nearest UPS location. To find a location near you, visit UPS.com

Step 8 – Tracking

Enjoy email tracking updates as we process your media and ship your Legacy Kit back!

In no time, you will be sharing & enjoying your memories again!

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