30pc Large Legacy Kit

This Kit is Large and In Charge!  Digitize 30 Video or Audio Tapes, 30 Film Reels, or 30 Bags of 30 Photos, or ANY Combination!*

1 Item = 1 Video Tape, 1 Film Reel**, 1 Audio Tape/Reel, or 1 Bag of 30 Photos/Slides.

What you get: Crush Proof Box, Easy Guide Instructions, Barcode Labels for all your items, & Prepaid Return Shipping Label with tracking. 

Your priceless memories will then be digitized by hand and loaded onto Custom DVDs.  Upgrade to a USB Flash Drive & we'll upload to The Cloud for free!  Your originals plus DVDs and optional thumb drive will then be shipped back to you using 2 crush proof boxes for added security.

*Example of Any Combination equal to 30 Items: 20 Video Tapes + 5 Film Reels + 5 Bags of 30 Photos/Slides = 30 Items.

**1 50ft. Film reel = 1 Item. Example: 200 ft Film Reel = 4 Items

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